Sexual Battery in Richmond Virginia

Sexual battery in Richmond Virginia is a crime that is less than a sexual assault crime, such as a rape, but the crime itself can lead towards a more severe sexual crime. Most of the sexual battery in Richmond Virginia can involve children as victims. They can easily be taken advantage of due to their age and for the fact that they are not mature enough to present consent or know what is happening with them. Cases regarding sexual battery in Richmond Virginia can have offenders preserve their right to appeal in court to either quash and dismiss the incident. The reason being that cases can lack the evidence needed to convict anyone. Many even believe that attempted sexual battery in Richmond Virginia cannot even constitute an offense.

Anyone can be charged with attempted aggravated sexual battery, depending on the Code § 18.2-67.3 and 18.2-67.5, which describes that an accused shall be guilty of the charge of aggravated sexual battery with the intention to sexually abuse the complaining witness if the complaining witness is of less than the age of thirteen. Complaining witness in this case scenario is the person who is alleged to have been subjected to rape, sodomy, an inanimate or animate object used for sexual penetration, marital sexual assault, aggravated sexual battery or even sexual battery.

Another code related to Sexual Battery in Richmond Virginia is the Code § 18.2-67.5, which tells about the punishment of attempted sexual assault offenses and states that an attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery will be determined as a felony and punishable as a Class 6 felony.

It is evident to say that the crime of attempted sexual battery does not exist in Virginia. Many of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia cases can either be the testimony of complaining witness, which does not include or refer to encompass any attempted crimes. However, attempted aggravated sexual battery in Richmond does constitute a crime or offense under the Virginia law, as it is done in an attempt to cause sexual delight, arousal and gratification.

Deciding upon the offense or the punishment

The punishments for any attempts to commit sexual battery are fixed by the statue. What constitutes an attempt must be ascertained from the common law. It is also in the common law that an attempt is an unfinished crime and is usually composed of two elements, which are the intent to commit the crime and the doing of some direct action towards its completion. But it can sometimes fall short of the execution of its ultimate design. Many suspects can be arrested in the case of the alleged sexual battery in Richmond Virginia, depending upon the testimonial of the complaining victim.

The punishment for such kind of offenses can include a fine charge of $2500 and a jail time of less than a year, depending on the severity of the crime. If the conditions of the sexual battery increases, which could include forcible violence or bodily injury then the charges may increase and additional charges are then expected for the offender. However, there is no doubt that sexual battery in Richmond Virginia continues to threaten people and minors who could be the victims in response to sexual battery.