Sexual Assault Attorney Henrico

Henrico County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Some sexual behaviors are illegal under Virginia law and federal law. Crimes related to rape, sex with minors or other illegal sexual acts are considered among the most serious crimes of the criminal justice system. The condemnation of a sexual crime cannot only lead to decades of imprisonment, but it could also accuse the brand with the label of a sexual abuser, who will continue to be charged for the rest of his life. The work of a sexual assault attorney in Henrico is to help the accused to respond to these life-changing criminal charges so he can protect his rights, defend his good name, and get the best possible result under the circumstances of his case.

Virginia Laws on Sex Crimes

There are many different sexual acts that can result in criminal charges in the State of Virginia. However, the sexual assault attorney Henrico is fully aware of this. Examples of such laws include:

  • Rape. Section 18.2-61 of the Virginia Code defines rape as the cause of someone’s involvement in sexual acts by force, threats, or intimidation. Even the coercion or coercion of someone to perform sexual acts with third parties can be considered a violation, as well as sexual relations with a child under the age of 13 or with someone who cannot consent due to mental or physical impotence. Penalties include a minimum period of five years of imprisonment and the duration of life imprisonment depending on the age of the victim, in the case of violence and if the victim has sustained permanent physical injury.
  • Sexual acts with minors. It is a crime to participate in sexual acts with minors, including penetration with objects. If the child is between 13 and 15 years old and the force is not used, the offense is a class 4 crime unless the child agrees and the defendant is a minor and the minor under three is a minor, in which case it is a class 6 crime. If there is consensus and there is a difference of fewer than three years between someone and the child, the offense is a class 4 crime.
  • Take indecent liberties with children. The Virginia Code prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from exposing their genitals to anyone under the age of 15. It is also forbidden to suggest that the child caresses, or exposes one’s genitals or those of another person or invites a child to enter a vehicle or home to participate in sexual acts. This behavior is a class 5 crime, unless the money does not change hands, there are recurrent crimes or the nephew, stepson or son, in which case the charges may be class 4 or class 5, so it is imperative that a Henrico sex offender lawyer in the county.

Working with a Sexual Assault Attorney Henrico

The options a person have when accused of a sexual crime vary depending on the nature of the crime and the evidence against him. For example, if an individual has been charged with possession of child pornography material, the sexual assault attorney Henrico may claim that he has not downloaded the illicit material. If you have been accused of raping an adult, consent could be a potential defense. However, consent is not a defense if you have been accused of raping a child.

The sexual assault attorney Henrico will examine the case carefully, advise the defendant about the options at his disposal and will defend him in court or help him negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor that could result in allegations and reductions in sentences. The goal is to keep the name off the list of sexual offenders and avoid condemnation whenever possible.