Reckless Driving Shenandoah Virginia

Reckless driving is often defined as a major moving violation of traffic rules. It can also be defined as a mental state which depicts a disregard for the rules and laws of traffic and ultimately give birth to chaotic situations. Reckless driving can be further classified as over speeding, neglecting the road signs, tailgating, abruptly changing lanes, racing with other vehicles and etc. All these actions are examples of reckless and careless driving because they can cause serious threat to the life of the motorist and the people surrounding him. Reckless driving ticket is imposed when the motorist drives in such a manner that he threatens the safety of his life, others’ lives and limbs and causes damage to a property.

Virginia holds strict laws and penalties against reckless driving. Shenandoah County, just like rest of the state of Virginia also holds strict rules regarding traffic violation. Reckless driving is a serious class 1 misdemeanor. The maximum fine that can be pressed against the offender for reckless driving throughout Virginia is $2500. Although it is rarely imposed on the offenders the normal fine that is imposed varies from $250-$350. The offender might lose his or her license for driving recklessly. They might lose their job or security clearance as well. The judge can allow the offender to drive a motor vehicle to restricted places. The restricted license allows you to drive to places such as hospital, school, childcare, work place and etc. Moreover the offender can receive a sentence of 6 months jail. The punishment can be lessened and the restricted license can be gained by arguing with the judge and presenting previous clean records but for this purpose you will need a well-qualified lawyer.

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