Reckless driving Loudoun Virginia lawyer

Traffic code has been designed by the Government of United States of America in order to maintain law and order of the country. Traffic code composes of several law sections under its flagship, which are considered responsible for sustaining peace and order around the country. Virginia being a renowned state of US, follows more or less same rules as rest of the country, however in few complex or special cases rules can be amended by the court.

Reckless driving refers to the act of driving in which a person drives recklessly while putting lives and property of others around in great danger. Under the light of Virginia Law reckless driving is considered to be most serious offense amongst all other traffic violations. Any individual found culprit of any of the following conditions, is subjected to the reckless driving charge:

  • In case if a person is guilty of driving vehicle at a speed more than 20 mph;
  • In case if a driver is found guilty of driving vehicle rashly with a speed approaching to 80 mph;
  • In case if a driver is found driving recklessly on parking regions;
  • In case if a driver is found guilty of passing a school bus;
  • In case if a driver is found guilty of intervening two moving vehicles;
  • In case if a driver is found guilty of driving a vehicle on a sloppy land;
  • In case if driver is found guilty of driving a vehicle in faulty state;
  • In case if a person is not giving proper passing signals while driving; and
  • In case if a person is found driving on a railroad.

Any individual found guilty of reckless driving falls under the category of Class 1 Misdemeanor, upon which strict penalties are imposed on the accused. Following are the penalties imposed in such circumstances:

  • A heavy fine of $2500 is charged upon the accused;
  • Accused has to undergo an imprisonment of six months or a whole year(depending upon the nature and complexity of the charge imposed);
  • Driving license of the accused is suspended for a particular time span(It is always more than 10 days);
  • Guilty is charged with 6 demerit points on the driving The points stays on his or her license for eleven consecutive years.

Penalties mentioned depict the strictness of punishments imposed on the accused, however one can proclaim against the decision by proving the stance that even though he or she has committed the offense, it was safe for all around. For this purpose one requires legal assistance. In case of need in Loudoun you are advised to consult SRIS Law Group. We have a long successful history of dealing with reckless driving charges in Loudoun Virginia for years. We have a team of experts including trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can deal with traffic charge concerns efficiently. All what you have to do is consult any of our legal advisers and fix an appointment with us. Rest will be discussed on further sittings.