Sexting is a combination of two words, “sex” and “texting”. To send receive or forward messages that include sexually explicit material through cell phones, tablets, laptop or any other digital source is known as sexting. . Is sexting a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia? Yes, it is a crime and this sexual crime has evolved in the 21st Century. With the increase in the usage of cell phones and smartphones anytime access to the internet, sexting has become more common.

A survey was done in 2009, which proved that 4% of teenagers between 14 to 17 years old have claimed to exchange sexually explicit pictures of themselves, and other 15% of teens have claimed that they have received sexually explicit pictures, which is also the issue of consent, to receive inappropriate pictures that contain nudity and exposure. Many people are still confused with a question that, is sexting a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia? Yes, the practice of sexting is considered as a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia.

Sexting has become one of the rapidly growing sexual crimes in many countries and states, Virginia is one of them. The practice of sexting has mostly resulted in blackmailing the other sexual partner. Around hundreds of cases has been filed against blackmailing in Fairfax.


Is sexting a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia? This question has raised many arguments under the law of Virginia Specifically, sexting is not counted as an offense because if something is being done with the consent and involvement of the other person, it is not a crime. Furthermore, if a minor is involved in this, then it becomes a crime because, in the law of Virginia, it comes under the crime of Child pornography. And possession of child pornography comes under the class 6 felony, and this can result in the sentence of imprisonment for up to five years. Is sexting a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia still remains a question because, as such sexting is not any registered offense under the law of Fairfax, Virginia. Sexting is a very serious offense if it eventually changes into blackmail. Because of many reasons like a breakup, fetching money blackmailing is done to the other sexual partner and is being threatened to make the pictures or videos viral. This is a very severe crime that can even result in the suicide of many individuals specifically females. The defense lawyers in Fairfax has claimed that two people get sexually involved with each other with their consent and this causes no harm unless someone starts blackmailing the other one due to any reason. Therefore, teenagers who have no idea and are still wondering, Is sexting a sex crime in Fairfax, Virginia needs to know that there are some terms and conditions that are involved, eventually making sexting a crime. The practice of Sexting has been increased due to the easily accessible internet and unlimited texting. The tradition of friends with benefits also plays the main role in manipulating the minds of young generation for such acts.