How much is running a red light ticket in Virginia?

What Will Happen if you Run a Red Light?

While you are driving in Virginia or any other state within the US, it is necessary to obey the traffic rules and regulations. Every citizen must adhere to the rules and regulations of the state. In case of disobeying or non-compliance with the traffic rules will result in the Virginia Red light Ticket. The violation is a 4-demerit violation in the state of Virginia.

Apart from running a red light, you can be cited for other traffic rules violation in Virginia. These violations could include manslaughter, reckless driving, and failure to yield to a pedestrian and many more infringements that may result in running a red light.

Habitual Offender Status

Moreover, if you continue to run the red light occasionally, you may end up in getting yourself a “habitual offender” status. The ramifications of “habitual offender” could result in suspension of your driver’s license, or it could be revoked. Apart from suspension of the license, you will be obligated to pay hefty fines to retain driving privileges.

Adverse Effects of Running a Red Light

Running a red light in Virginia demerits your driving record because this single act could put many lives in danger with extensive damage to the property, cars, pedestrians, and passengers. The fine is dependent upon the extent of damage incurred due to crossing a red light.

Fines for Red Light Running

The State of Virginia issues a fine of up to $50 with additional 62$ are payable in processing fees in case you receive a ticket for evading a traffic control device. The fine for running a red light comes with a fine of $100, and an additional $62 must be paid as the processing fee for failing to follow the traffic rules. Moreover, if you took an illegal right turn on a red light or was unable to come to a complete stop are included in the aforementioned fine categories.  You could be subjected to other fines if infractions occur because of your careless driving and running a red light.

Penalties for Running a Red Light

The State of Virginia has a Driver Improvement Program for residents of Virginia. Upon your conviction for running a red light the court notifies the VA DMV, then the DMV will:

  • Add the conviction to the driving record
  • Addition of demerit points to the DMV record ( the points depends on the severity of the offense)
  • If applicable a suspension for your driving license will be issued
  • Issue an order that needs you to complete a driver improvement clinic
  • Notify the auto insurance company
  • Keep monitoring the driving record to see the accumulated points within 12 months

Contact a Professional Lawyer for Running a Red Light

To understand the law and its subsequent fines and penalties might not be easy for any citizen to understand. Contact a professional lawyer today for running a red light in Virginia to get a clarification on your questions and to determine if you are rightly charged with the offense.