Fairfax Virginia child abuse laws

Child abuse is also known as child maltreatment. It is basically the sexual, psychological or physical maltreatment or neglect of the child. The child gets neglection from the parents or guardians also comes in child abuse. Different states have different laws and they charge penalties according to the code of the state. Under the law of Virginia Fairfax, the person is the guilt of child abuse who is responsible for the child care but unable to perform his duties towards the child.

Fairfax Virginia child abuse law

The person is responsible for the child abuse charge if he fails or refuses to provide the proper child care. Another important subsection of this law is that person is considered the guilty of this crime if he provides serious injury to the child so that a child loses his physical or mental powers. The serious injury includes broken or fractured bones, burns or cuts, mutilation, disfigurement, injection of some harmful chemicals, life threatening injuries and maiming that is injury causing the severe damage to any body part.

Types of neglect that child may face

The type of neglect that a child may face involves the improper housing, improper supervision, negligence in medical care, poor hygiene as well as the improper provision of the food and other essentials of life.

If some one is unable to provide the complete rights to the child and do some cruel acts with the innocent angel than he will be charged with the child abuse conviction.

Penalties for child abuse

The person who convicts this crime will be charged according to class 4 felony. The person is charged with the prison of two to 10 years depending on the severity of the crime along with he has to pay fine up to $100,000

The action that reflects a child abuse with severe aggressiveness is liable to charge according to felony 6. In that case, the criminal will be liable for the prison of two to five years and fine up to $2500.

Find a lawyer in Fairfax Virginia

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