Drug Offenses in Richmond Virginia

Drug crimes are considered as a serious offense in Virginia. Penalties may lead the individual to spend prison time and may even have to pay hefty fines. An individual should contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that he/she would know about their legal options.

By consulting with the lawyers in Richmond, the individual may have a chance of getting a reduced sentence or fine. Lawyers can help in minimizing the harm on the individual’s reputation alongside providing the best possible opportunity to improve their status of the penalty.

1- What classifies as a drug crime in Virginia Richmond?

The penalties for drug crimes vary depending on:

A- The type of the drug crime

B- The amount of a drug crime

C- The type of drug found in the individual’s possession.

Under the Virginia code of law, an individual can be convicted for any type of action related to the use of the illegal drug including the possession of controlled substances, narcotics, and conspiracies related to drugs. Those who intend to sell the drug are also charged with conviction crimes and their fines, prison sentence might be higher, and longer compared to those who are only consuming the drug.

2- The different types of drug charges

Under Virginia Code 18.2-248(A), it is unlawful to distribute, manufacture, sell, possess, and give any illegal drug and controlled substances. The commonwealth requires evidence in order to prosecute an individual when he is caught in a Richmond drug case.

If the individual is convicted for the very first time, it is even more important for him to hire a lawyer. If the individual is convicted for the second time in a similar crime, he is likely to be sentenced for life imprisonment and may face a fine up to $500,000 with a minimum of three years in prison. The penalty may increase to a minimum of 10 years if he/she has two or more than two convictions prior to the most recent conviction.

The conviction also depends on the type of drug that is involved. For example, the individual may face a penalty of up to five years in prison that may increase to life imprisonment. In addition to that, he will be charged with a fine of up to $1 million if the drug that the individual was convicted for was sold, distributed, possessed, or given with the intention of distributing any of the following drugs in the given quantities:

1- Heroin: More than 100 grams

2- Cocaine of more than 500 grams

3- Cocaine base of more than 250 grams

4- Methamphetamine of around 10 grams

5- A substance that has 20 grams or more of methamphetamine.

3- Transporting drugs in Virginia

Under Virginia Code, there are many laws that prohibit controlled substances from entering the state. Covered under Section 18.2-248.01, it is an unlawful act to transport the drug into Virginia with the intention of selling or distributing a minimum of one ounce of cocaine or an ounce of Schedule 1 or 2 controlled substances. The minimum limit of Marijuana is around five ounces.

The individuals who are found violating section 18.2-248.01, will face a felony conviction that includes a penalty of around five to forty years and a fine of up to $1 million dollars with a mandatory prison time of around 3 years. Prior convictions may cause the individual to be convicted with a mandatory prison time of around 10 years.