Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax

When you have been accused for a crime, you need representation. You might not have committed the suspected crime. You might have been incited or else strained into the situation. You might think the conditions of the criminal act express for themselves. In the criminal court, no condition speaks for itself. That is the job of criminal defense attorney – to defend the rights of their client and state the case of the alleged, confirming that she or he gets fair treatment and justice under the law. Crimes and penalties can range in severity from a misdemeanor to a felony. In either state, you might contact a skilled Fairfax criminal defense attorney.

Given below are some of defense that a defendant can use, though not all defenses will be applicable in each situation.

1.     Defense of Duress

It means that offender done a crime because a third party was intimidating physical harm or death to the offender. An example of this might be a person forcing another person to commit robbery by threatening bodily harm.

2.     Defense of Self-Defense

In this condition, the offender used self-defense as the victim beaten or endangered the offender first. A criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA explains that in situation the offender must show evidence that there was coming harm or death.

3.     Defense of Necessity

The offender claims the action was done due to exceptional conditions. In this state, the offender claims that something happened which meant they had no choice but to break the law. The court would assess this claim and choose if there a more sensible substitute was available to the offender.

4.     Defense if Infancy

In this situation, the offender is not old enough to be detained lawfully responsible for their actions. Age parameters for certain crimes can vary through each state. Hiring an expert criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA may be in your best interest.

5.     Defense of Mistake

Also mentioned to as defense of accident, this protection might be used when the offender was uninformed that their action was unlawful.

6.     Defense of Insanity

In this type of defense, the offender claims that they are not accountable for their illegal actions as of mental health issues. If this is the case, the offender must undertake a psychological checkup and the report must be brought to the law court.