penalties for vehicular manslaughter in Virginia

Manslaughter is a fairly common offense, in a lot of cases it is more common than murder. This is because of the fact that we as humans are very well programmed to value the lives of members of our own species. Hence, it will take a lot to bring someone to the point where they … Read more

Penalties for Commiting Sex Offenses against Minors In VA

Society has a very long history, and for the longest time we have created laws in order to keep things in order. One of the most heinous crimes from the very start of such things was committing sex offenses against children. The only problem was that the concept of a child was rather abstract, especially … Read more

Online Sex Crimes Law and the Penalties for Virginia

It is pretty much uncontested that the world has changed enormously because of the fact that the internet has come into our lives. The internet has completely changed the way things are done, and one area where it has made changes in particularly significant ways is the manner in which we interact with one another. … Read more

Murder Defense Lawyer in Virginia

Murder is a very serious crime, and being accused of it is going to put you in a very tight spot indeed. If you have been arrested for and charged with murder, chances are that the authorities have some kind of evidence that ostensibly proves that you are guilty of the crime that you are … Read more

Murder Charge Defense Attorney in Virginia

You would be surprised at just how many people commit murders in America. In the vast majority of case, the killing that was committed happened because of unstable emotions such as jealousy, anger or bitterness, and it is only in cases where these emotions were pushed to the extreme that a crime ended up being … Read more


In the state of Maryland, sexual assault is referred to as sexual offense under most cases. Sex related criminal activities are dealt with a very harsh approach here. Sexual offense is actually a broad category for a number of different sexual crimes. Ten crimes are listed in Maryland code under the heading of sexual assault … Read more


Sexual abuse is a wide term given to a number to a number of different sex crimes that can be committed against another individual. It is the most heinous crimes as the abuse is not just physical, it’s mental too. Sexual abuse by definition sounds like a crime that is done entirely to a person’s … Read more

Maryland sex offender and crimes against minors registry

Under federal law, each state is required to make and keep up sex registries to screen those convicted of certain sex offenses. While each state can figure out what crimes are considered sex offenses, they should in any case sort those crimes into three tiers; the third tier saved for the most genuine crimes. In … Read more

Maryland Rape and Sexual Battery Laws

There are two types of sexual violence that people can be charged with. The first of these is rape, the second is sexual battery. In a court of law, it is very common indeed for a lawyer to attempt to bring the charges down if their client is the one being accused of rape. Hence, … Read more


Prostitution is when someone commits a sexual act in exchange for money. Solicitation is when someone offers to pay money or its equivalent in exchange for a sexual act. The latter is actually a crime because the person who is soliciting is actually encouraging another person to commit a crime. Solicitation along with prostitution is … Read more